Social Media for 2017

You are a small business and want to take advantage of social media's social marketing potential. According to , 1.8 billion people worldwide logged onto Facebook in September 2016.  That makes for a whopping 17% increase from the previous year.  1.66 billion of those users are accessing their social media accounts via their smartphones.  If the target for your social media plan is to send folks over to view your website, then be certain that your site is responsive in design. In other words, it looks good and is easy to navigate both on a desktop computer as well as on a smartphone.  If you're not sure if your website was built with responsive design, pull out your smartphone and check your website.

®  This example of a responsive design is from Awwwards®.  


This example of a responsive design is from Awwwards®.  

Ignore the news about Twitter fading out of the social media scene. That can hardly be the case with 21% of American adults using it and our president-elect seems addicted to it.  There are 6,000 tweets per second.  How in the world do you stand out against all those tweets? Consistent posting is the answer.  One tweet every few days or months will get lost in the shuffle.  And think about your tweets as a mini blog.  Schedule 5-8 per day with them connected by theme so a new reader can go back to your feed and see a story unfold. And consider whether you like opening a mailbox or email account to a cluster of junk mail.  Do you read it all or immediately delete it?  A mini blog approach allows you to share valuable content without overwhelming your readers with tons of ad style writing that will turn them off and tune them out.

If your customer target is women, then you may want to consider Pinterest.  Why?  26% of Americans are on Pinterest and of that number nearly half are women.  If women are your tribe, then you need an active Pinterest account.  

What does this all mean for you in 2017, with 97% of American adults 18-64 saying they use social media within the past month, then you need to go where potential customers are.

A book I highly recommend you read is Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen.  It speaks directly to the concept of writing content to engage with your customers, rather than blasting them with ads all day long.  I think of it like having a two-sided conversation.