The Negative Comment and What To Do.....

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You receive a devastating review on Google or Facebook. What do you do? Is it the end of the world?  No. But you do want to immediately address it. This is all about customer service.  Before you panic, read the comment carefully. What is at the root of the problem and how may you fix it? Take a screen shot.  This gives you a record to use as an example for future training and may be shared with other members of your staff so everyone is on the same page. 

If the message is especially ugly and has upset you, take a break. Go for a walk to calm down. You want to respond with reason and not anger.  Your job at this point is to try and turn a negative situation into a  positive one.  What is the root of the problem.  Be honest and upfront. Sending an apology will go a long way. Offer a solution to rectify the issue.  Write a rough draft before posting.  Let colleagues read it to be sure it is clear, precise and void of negative emotions. Poor manners have become the norm on social media, don't be caught by it.  Ask yourself If the customer were standing in front of you, would you be comfortable with your response? 

Check back the next day to see if the customer has seen it and replied. If you handled the comment appropriately, a disgruntled customer may have become a new fan. Thank them for their response and possible change in rating.