Helpful Tips for Social Media

"Social networking helps reach people easier and quicker." --    Bill Cosby

"Social networking helps reach people easier and quicker." --   Bill Cosby

Many business owners are slammed with trying to do it all, including their social media.  Thinking of you, today I thought a roundup of thoughtful posts on the subject of how to grow your business using social media might prove useful.

Entrepreneur Magazine : Number one is to be consistent with your posting.  The number one thing I notice when taking over accounts is a half hearted attempt to get started and then after a week, posts peter out to nonexistent.  No one knows you are there if you don't post consistently. I disagree with Number 2. You don't have to be on every channel.   Target your market.  Post where you know your customers are. Instagram works best for businesess that are highly visual, such as clothing shops or landscape firms, but the legal business isn't that visual, so you are reduced to creating a series of memes.  Twitter is best for business to business, rather than business to consumer.  Facebook is a must for everyone, especially non-profits. If you use Linked-In, then really use it.  Network on it, share blog posts, but posting your resume and then forgetting about it won't make the site do much for you and don't forget to add photos and videos to your Linked-In account to give folks a better sense of what your services are.

INC Magazine: published a good collect of tips the 11 absolute truths of social media.  Check out number 11.  I can't stress a social calendar enough. Every industry has a cycle of some sort to it.  Create a  content calendar that follows that cycle.  My old yarn store saw business slow down after Mother's Day and start to pick up around July 4th.  Special promotions were held in June to keep folks coming into the store.  Fall was a hectic time and Christmas always came quick, so be prepared for it all with a content calendar.

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