International Privacy Data Day


I am sharing with you a newsletter I recently received. A few years ago I bought Legal Shield as I experienced my first case of Identity theft. Amazon had contacted me that someone in another state was trying to open an account in my name. So I use Legal Shield to protect myself. Nooooo, I am not going to recieve any affiliate income from this post. I am telling you about it in case you are worried about identity theft. They do a dark web search every month to be sure your identity isn’t being stolen. The nice thing with Legal Shield is that when I experienced my second situation, I received a notice from them that they suspected something and then helped me file the police report and talk to the credit agency to straighten things out.

Folks, I can’t stress the importance of protecting your identity. A few simple tips I’ve adopted that have nipped problems in the bud:

  1. I change my passwords on all accounts at the start of the new year.

  2. I have two malware systems running on my computer. Yes, they do slow me down a fraction, but they protect my computer and all the information on it.

  3. Don’t store your passwords in a key chain system in your computer. Personally, I am old school and use an old address book to store the usernames and passwords. Inconvenient, yes, but better than your credit being destroyed by a malicious thief. And yes this book is safely and securely stored.

  4. i have a shredder by my front door. All envelopes and letters I am not filing in my office, I automatically shred as they come into the house.

  5. Check your credit scores monthly. Freeze your credit if necessary.

For more information and tips, read this article from PC magazine.