Social Media for Artists: Networking on LinkedIn

'Networking is marketing. Marketing yourself, your uniqueness, what you stand for,' — Christine Lynch

When I meet with new clients and do an audit of all their social media accounts, they often have a LinkedIn account that they haven’t updated in a decade. LinkedIn has been around since 2003, it has evolved over the last 16 years into a robust social media platform. It ‘s not a place to dump your resume and hope someone finds it.

What I love about LinkedIn is the fact that it is primarliy populated by busy business professsionals. As a result, the content that is shared is related to your professional field of interest, not the sharing of cute dog videos. Hey don’t get me wrong, I love my dogs and funny dog videos, but my time is limited, so if I want to learn what is going on in the art world, I check into LinkedIn. I belong to a number of groups and read through the conversations each morning with my coffee. I have found a few curators posts articles that I generally love, so I scroll through to see if they have posted anything.

LinkedIn is a great place to meet museum curators, collectors, gallerists, art consultants, interior decorators, architects and others in the art world. It is especially good for connecting with others in your field who may be in another town or country. Interested in artist residencies? There is a group for that. Want to know more about the legal and financial aspects of the art world? There is a group for that too.

I mention an article in the video, here is the link to it.

I appreciate your emails and would love to know what else is challenging you on social media.