Simple Organic Reach on Facebook

This is a short video explaining one aspect of the Facebook Algorithm. It’s simple but will really help your organic reach. Fill in all aspects of your business page. Yes, it’s really that simple.

Avatar / headshot

Banner / billboard

About / Bio

Services / Be explicit

Offers/ Promotions.

Keep these parts current. Review them once a month. Change that banner to reflect seasonal changes in your business, or if you are an artist use it to promote a show.

Invite your Friends and Family to like your Business page

Some things are so simple that it’s easy to overlook them. Be sure to invite your family and friends to like your business page. Yes, your Mom loves you and is your biggest supporter. Who knows, she may be at a cocktail party or at coffee hour after church and hears someone say they are looking for someone to do what you do. Now stop rolling your eyes. This works. Your mom knows this person on a personal level, there is already a level of trust between her and her friend, so that friend is more likely going to trust her opinion or referral even if it is her own child. So she goes home and friends that person on Facebook and then sends them a link to your business page which is loaded with lots of great content that they can use and has a few reviews from others on it. You’ve just made a valuable contact that will potentially lead to a sale or new client. You just need to follow up on the lead. This is a slower growth process than paying for Facebook Ads, but it is a more social way of doing it which benefits you with the Facebook algorithm. Each person you invite knows approximately 300 people that you don’t. So if you invite 10 people, your business page will be seen by potentially 3000 people you don’t know. Your family and friends are also more likely to like your content and give it a thumbs up or make a comment. Facebook algorithm reads this and sees you being social which is rewarded by pushing your content higher up on people’s profiles. So, yay! Go invite all your friends and family.

A few Simple Facebook Tricks to Maximize your Organic Reach.

“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.” — Michael Hyatt

My specialty is in maximizing the organic reach for my clients. One simple trick is I learn what business are compatible to their own. For example I am an artist so compatilble businesses would be local frame shop, art supply stores, local galleries and interior decorators. By going into my business page and liking those businesses as my business page I am letting those businesses that I care about them and wish to follow their feed. They in turn may follow my own. The added bonus is you may find that they have content that is relevant to you and your followers and that you may want to share with them. This becomes a win-win for everyone. Organic reach is the long game approach, but I personally prefer it as creates a stronger connection between a business and their clients. There is more engagement beyond the simple thumbs up. Yes, you could pay for an ad and get a several hundred thumbs up, but you need to convert them into actually engaged followers. I find it simpler to start with the engagement first through organic reach. Try it and see what you think. My short video shows you were to click on the Facebook site to try it yourself. And as always, contact me if you have a question.