Social media for Artist : : Instagram and Your Bio

“Social media is not about the exploitation of technology but service to community.” — Simon Mainwaring

This is part two of my series on Instagram. While my target audience is artsists, much of the advice equally applies to entrepreneurs. Is your Instagram set up to turn leads for you? What do you want it to ultimately do for you? Be specific as it will help you really tighten up what it does. I personally want three things from my Instagram page;

to generate sales - requires excellent photos of my art and the story behind it
connect with other artists - like and comment on other artist’s posts (with more than an emoji)
increase traffic on my website - use linktre.e

My video talks about the app Linktre.e. A follower sent me a message that made me realize that I needed to tighten up my use of the app, she was looking for the blog post I wrote a month ago and mentioned in a recent Instagram post. Whenever I write about a blog post, I need to add the direct link to the blog post on linktre.e. So now when I schedule a post, I take that added step so I increase the direct traffic to my website. I created that video over a week ago and so in the past week this is what I’ve changed. Each picture is loaded up for easy indexing and then the direct link to the blog post. Plus I added a sign up for my art newsletter listing. it takes the follower to a sign up page from Mailchimp which helps me develop my mailing list.


Please note that I do not receive any affiliate income for my mention of Linktre.e.

And as always, let me know if you have a question and I will try an answer it in another post.